Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fire Dept Field Day

Last year we took Gillian to her first Fire Dept Field Day. It's free and the weather had been beautiful that day. It was her first encounter with a parade and she had a blast.

We had mentioned to her this past week the field day was coming up and if she wanted to go which of course she answered she wanted to candy!

The weather did not look quite as nice, a chance of rain was the forecast...we got soaked! Gillian had a blast which was what the day was all about so that is all that mattered.

(I kept trying to get a picture of her waiving, you can't see her left arm but that is what she is doing.)

(Sorry for the blurry picture but she was a wild woman trying to get all the candy because we all know she loves to collect it and then will rarely eat it!)

Car ride home enjoying her tootsie roll!

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