Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Men

I'm thankful for the Daddy Craig is to Gillian. I knew he was a phenomenal man but to see him with his daughter truly brings out a side that no one knew existed. Today he was rushing...ten million things to do and needed to get to work. Gillian wanted some play time and at first Craig said once he got back from bringing his bike to storage. She was disappointed but happy he said when he got back. Then he said okay let's play now in case we don't have time when I got back. Made her day and both of them were smiling. It was nice to see!
I'm so thankful for the relationship Gillian has with my Dad. Then tonight Gillian and I went to my parents for dinner. My Mom has been feeling under the weather. So Gillian roped Grampie into playing with her. He even became a magician which he didn't even know he was capable of. She laughed and giggled and he laughed and giggled. It was very cute.

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