Friday, November 19, 2010


I can never say enough how thankful I am that we found Gillian's daycare. The employees and owner absolutely adore her, she gets along with the kids, it's truly wonderful. Gillian was excited to get to go back today since she was movie helper! Everyday she has a different role, movie helper, book helper, line leader, gate helper, weather helper, calendar helper, etc. The important days to Gillian are movie helper and book helper because she can bring in her own. They can pick from the daycare's selection but she likes to bring her own. Craig has practically memorized the order where I have to read her sheet everyday.

When I picked Gillian up today Mary had stories for me (I love stories). So they were working on a crow project today. So when they work on projects, Mary asks them questions to make them think and learn about the project.

She asked the class what color the crow was and Gillian answered Black.

Next she asked what a scare crow does and Gillian walked right over to Ms. Mary and said,"Boo!" Ms. Mary said she jumped and asked Gillian why she was scaring her. Gillian's response,"Because scare crows scare the crows!"

Apparently the kids were taking some time getting the project done and it was running into lunch time and Mary said to the kids,"You need to get your batteries charged and get these projects complete." Gillian started giggling and said,"We don't have batteries, we have bones inside us!"

Then at lunch Ms. Mary sits and eats with the kids and Gillian was sitting next to her and Gillian looked at Ms. Mary and said,"Thank you." Ms. Mary asked Gillian why she was thankful and Gillian went into being put on the spot mode and kept asking for a hug so Ms. Mary told Gillian,"Whatever you are thankful for, you are very welcome."

If this didn't make my day enough, Mary thanked me for Craig and I always sending in books and movies because apparently we are the only family doing it. I told Mary, she loves to bring stuff in and if we forget and or miss a day we hear about it so we stay on top of that for her. She said we are obviously parents that are on top of our game and involved with our child.....

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