Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last year we struggled with dance. We had to be the first ones there and Gillian had to be there before the circle was formed or she wouldn't join in. There were many tears shed and much frustration on our part.

Gillian had dance tonight. It was the first night I had to get Gillian there without Craig which meant I would be cutting it close with finishing work and getting Gillian and getting to dance on time.

Needless to say by the time we got there, we were about 4 minutes late and everyone was on the opposite side of the room warming up. In my head, I'm thinking, please don't have a melt down. I got her shoes on her, she looked at me and said,"Mommy could you get the door for me." I opened the door and she walked in and put her ballet shoes where they below and walked to the front of class (she didn't just join the class in the back!) and starting participating.

It is amazing how much she has grown in a year! I'm so thankful!

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