Saturday, March 11, 2006

Labor and Delivery

Tonight I had to go to Labor and Delivery. It was the first time I had ever been and was after hours so it seemed so odd to be in the hospital when it is quiet and seems like no one is around.

I had taken my night time blood pressure and it kept coming back 160/110 so I called the on call doctor and they directed me to Labor and Delivery.

Craig was playing cards and offered to come get me or meet me there but I told him to enjoy because it was probably a false alarm. I assured him that I would contact him if anything was wrong.

The nurse I had was super friendly and the had no patients so I got tons of attention. They had to run a bunch of tests and hook me to monitors to make sure the baby wasn't in distress.

They had to take blood and urine for tests, something that stood out to me and is kind of haunting me is in the bathroom there was an advertisement for a local funeral home that offered free services for families that have babies that die at birth....what an awful thought. I know it happens but didn't need to see that tonight.

All my tests came back normal so the doctor told me to go in for a follow up appointment on Monday morning at 10am. Hoping to keep this baby in as long as possible.

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