Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I arrived to pick Gillian up at daycare last night and Mary met me on the sidewalk and explained that Gillian had just had an "incident". Immediately I think that her "incident" has something to do with her whiny/somewhat bratty attitude that she has had recently that Craig and I chalked up to lack of sleep. Nope, again my think the worst worked out.

Mary explained that a little boy (she did not give names) had shoved Gillian and she shoved him back. That the all sat down to go over what had happened and she made each child apologize to the other. Mary explained that although she doesn't believe in shoving she was happy that Gillian stood up for herself. I thanked Mary for telling me and she said she figured Gillian would tell us and I explained that she probably wouldn't but a nightmare of a meltdown in the future would probably bring it out because apparently Gillian was shaking she was so upset and could barely say sorry through the tears.

This is where it gets interesting and makes me chuckle.

So on the car ride home, I ask Gillian some questions about her day and try to get her to tell me about it. She doesn't budge. Later in the evening I directly ask about the shoving match at first she doesn't really offer any information and I explain that it is good to talk about stuff that upsets us and I wouldn't be angry. Apparently the little boy to go a location first and Gillian got to her location and decided to switch locations and the little boy didn't want her to switched locations and shoved her....so Gillian shoved the little boy to the ground (I was so proud in my head)...Gillian explained that she was upset and the little boy didn't mention that he had shoved her and the other kids stuck up for Gillian and told Ms. Mary exactly what happened. I talked to Gillian how it is not nice to push/hit/kick people but that she had a right to stick up for herself and it was nice of her friends to step in and tell the truth.

I asked her if she would tell her Dad about the "incident"...she asked me to tell him. Ironically I think he will be able to enjoy hearing it from me rather than her....

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