Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready or not....

Yesterday I got the mail like I do everyday. There was an envelope that stood was from the school Gillian will be attending in the fall. I opened the envelope immediately. Kindergarten registration....I knew this day was coming. I know it's something we can't avoid but she is growing so fast.
Gillian asked,"What are you reading Mom?"
I responded,"It's from your school. Paperwork we have to fill out before we go to meet some people there. There is a list of stuff for us to work on."
Gillian,"Yeah my school!"
There is about 20 pages of includes everything from my pregnancy to what she will be learning between September and December of this year. I had no idea that they send this information, I had planned on calling the school this week to find out when registration takes place.
I can honestly say that after reading the paperwork that I'm reassured that Gillian is on the right track and is in no way behind. She actually can do almost everything on the list.
For the rest of the evening, Gillian would ask,"Is flossing on my list? Is brushing my teeth on my list? What is on the list?"
I'm so happy that she is looking forward to school and looking forward to learning.

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