Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NICU Promises

When Gillian was in the hospital Craig and I did a lot of talking (and sleeping).
We talked to each other of hopes and dreams we had for our family that was just starting out. We talked to Gillian a lot. We never did the baby talk thing....we even explained procedures and asked her to be strong. We needed her to get through everything and all we could do is talk to her. So with talking came promises.
I'm sure the nurses in the NICU didn't imagine that the promises we made we would actually keep but we have been doing quite well. We promised her that we would help her with any issues she had once out of the hospital - delays, illness...whatever she needed. We promised she would go to amusement parks, have a play set in her backyard, get a car at 16 (used of course), have assistance with college. That we would show her as much of the world as we could and assist her with whatever goals she sets for herself.
She has a promise coming to her that she won't find out about until we are in route to location but I've been sharing with family and friends here and there. We had been planning to take Gillian to Disney May 1st - May 5th (I know....YEAH). An option presented itself and we are going from February 14th - February 18th. What better way to spend Valentines day than in the magical place on earth. I was excited to go to Disney this year anyway but now for Valentines day just makes it so wonderful. Gillian is at the perfect age and I can't wait to tell her but I want to wait until we are on the way there (because I can't handle being asked everyday when we are leaving). The smile on her face and the excitement I know she will have will be just amazing. I love being a parent.

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