Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pne Harbour

Gillian and I had been invited to go trick or treating at an assisted living center. I wasn't sure how Gillian would do with it but I really wanted her to go. I know she probably would not know the difference now but I knew it was something that would mean a lot to the people living there. At first it went how I expected, I had to go in every room with her although we were with a group of kids and adults. But after the first couple stops she was running with the kids in the group. She would always wait her turn, say trick or treat and say thank you. It was very sweet to stop and meet the people. You could tell by their smiles they were glad to have visitors. After we got in the car I asked her if she had fun and she thanked me for taking her. I thanked her for being such a wonderfully sweet child to all those people.
Took this picture of Craig right before Gillian and I left to go trick or treating at Pine Harbour.

Gillian trick or treating at Pine Harbour.

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