Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Telling the family

So I can't keep a secret anymore. Craig's aunt and uncle from North Carolina and we are expected to be at dinner with Craig's immediate family and the aunt and uncle. I tell Craig we have to tell them.

Craig is more nervous than I have ever seen him which makes me feel more anxiety. So we go through the entire meeting and Craig still hasn't said anything. So at the end of the meal, Craig and I are whispering at each other and Jody gets everyone's attention by asking us what is going on and Craig's response, "Barb has something to tell everyone." No, we, no I but Barb has something...go figure. So we tell them and everyone is shocked like us and congratulate us.

From dinner we head to my parents because we might as well get it out. I call my Mom to let her know we are stopping by. She is obviously suspicious since we are both coming over and it is 8pm. We get there and the three of us go into the living room where I tell my Mom that I'm pregnant. From then we argue over who will tell my Dad. I don't want to tell him - hello what am I admitting I did and Craig doesn't want to tell him - hello what is he admitting he did. So my Mom calls him through and we admit what we did and that there is a baby on the way.

I tell my siblings via txt messaging. I love technology.

Just like us - both our families are in complete shock as well.

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