Saturday, August 27, 2011


I had signed up to coach Gillian's soccer team this fall. I found that I didn't get the job when the coach called me to let me know when Gillian's first practice is. I wasn't overly disappointed, I would have liked to coach but at the same time I can enjoy watching just my child and not worrying about everyone's children. Gillian was very disappointed....I probably shouldn't have mentioned that I signed up to coach but I had actually asked her permission...odd that I would ask her permission? I realize she is 5 but she is the one playing the sport and I explained to her if I coach, I'm coaching the team not just Gillian so she wouldn't have my full attention. Not that I totally think she grasped this concept but I do try to include her. Either way, there were tears shed and I assured her that maybe next year I would coach.

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