Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We decided to take Gillian to the pumpkin patch, this is something we have always enjoyed doing every year. This year we thought Gillian would be old enough to attempt the Corn Maze (which Craig and I had never attempted prior to this)....I'm not sure any of us were old enough to try. We spent about 2 hours in the maze and ended up coming back out the way we went in as we couldn't find any other way out.

After the Corn maze we decdied it was time to head back to the market to wait for the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. While waiting at the market we purchased some cookies to eat...YUMMY!

We ended up on a wagon with a bunch of college kids that were loud and had way too much spirit for our family. We tolerated them but I think they annoyed all 3 of us. Once at the pumpkin patch it didn't matter how annoying the college kids was time to find the perfect pumpkin!

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