Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Gillian and I went for a walk/bike ride - I walk, she rides her bike - last night. We were heading up a slight hill and she got stuck where she couldn't get the pedals moving so I told her to wiggle her butt meaning forward to back to get going and of course she wiggled left to she looks at me and says"Silly, that's not getting me anywhere." So of course I explain what I meant and give her a push. Then on the last lap there was a man walking a dog and it was obvious he was training the dog. We pass him and Gillian looks at me and says,"He is teaching his dog tricks." And I respond,"Yes, he is." She looks at me totally serious and says,"That's dangerous to do in the road." The only response I could give her,"Yes it is." She does bring such humor to my life.

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