Thursday, March 17, 2011


I called Mary because when I had dropped Gillian off it was a hectic morning and had forgotten to let her know Grammie Miner would be picking her up. Then I had asked Craig to call and let her know and he forgot. So at the end of my awful day I called to let Mary know and she said she was glad I called because she had something to tell me. It's funny that after 3 years I still dread her telling me this like it is going to be something awful.
Apparently Wednesday morning Gillian was in the bathroom doing her business and it was taking sometime so out of concern Ms. Sophia knocked on the door and opened it to see what had happened and Gillian had her hand in her pants like she had lost something. Ms. Sophia jokingly said,"Have you lost your underwear?" Gillian didn't have ANY on!!!! I had been so proud of her getting herself all ready Wednesday morning as we are trying to encourage independence that I didn't check to make sure she had them on and she went to daycare with no underwear on. Initially I was like - OMG, what kind of parents send their child to daycare with no underwear It made me laugh multiple times that evening after an awful day!

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