Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So my week has not flown by fast enough. I’m only half way to a 3 day weekend that I’m looking so forward to enjoying. We are going to my parents for dinner Saturday and we are meeting Craig’s family at the beach on Sunday for lunch. It should be a fun weekend. Then we have Monday to recuperate. The weather hasn’t been too bad. Monday & Tuesday evening we spent outside playing which of course Gillian was so happy about. I’m okay with the outdoors as long as there aren’t any bugs. Gillian does not care if there are bugs or not. As long as it isn’t raining she wants to be out there. Not sure where she gets that from.

Today I was so proud of Gillian. After work I had to bring Pooh (our dog) to the vet because her cast that she has had for 5 ½ weeks is starting to smell funky. So my Mom picked Gillian up from daycare so I didn’t have to juggle a 3 year old and an 80 lb dog at the vets….I know that would have been a challenge. The vet needs to keep Pooh overnight so they can do x-rays and figure out if she needs a new splint. So I headed over to my parents to pick up Gillian. When I got there everyone was in good spirits, Gillian was wearing her big girl underwear and no accidents at that point. We played bouncy ball for around an hour then needed to head home to bed. While we were saying our good –byes to my parents, Gillian was talking to her Grammie and said, “Thank you Grammie for dinner.” I could not have been prouder. She wasn’t asked or encouraged. I was thrilled. On the way home I explained where Pooh was so she wasn’t surprised when we walked into the house. Gillian got upset at first but I reassured her that Pooh is fine, that the doctor just needs to help fix her leg. She seems very satisfied with that answer. We got home, brushed her teeth, picked out an outfit for tomorrow and I lay down with Gillian. It is a “bad habit” that we formed at a young age. I get up ½ hour after lay with her. I don’t regret the habit, I know she will grow up and eventually she won’t want to spend this time with me but I will continue to do it until she forces me out. It is our time to talk about our days and what we liked and about whatever is on her little mind. Oh, and one last thing….no accidents tonight:)

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